Testosterone Cypionate Injection en Venta


Testosterone Cypionate Injection en Venta


Testosterone Cypionate Injection producido por: Dragon Pharma
Solicitud: Injectable solution
Substancia activa: Testosterone Cypionate
En paquete: 250 mg/ml (10 ml)

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  1. Mike Bull

    I’m consuming one cc a week as HRT of Testosterone Cyp 250 mg/ml injection now. I found your Test C price acceptable and referred few of my mates already. They also do not have any prescription for it cause we are all fed us with high prices of doctors services… they keep prescribing Watson again and again…I usually inject in my glutes. I’ve noticed that this does not aromatize at all butt I do use THC. Please pm with advice if i am right or wrong.

  2. thund3r

    Wow… Is it really possible to get it for such a price without any prescription?! I guess my lady will love this cause my libido dropped recently due to some stress on main job

  3. michael-r

    I’m comparing the price of Testosterone Cypionate by Watson with your Test C by Dragon and Test Cyp by Alpha Pharma. I see no big difference cause i do not really care about loosing some bucks when it comes to quality… But what i really have problems with is that every time i go to the doctors and complaint regarding low T levels and overall weak performance they never prescribe me Test C… While i am keep asking them over and over again.. So you store is the only stable solution i see. Thanks guys

  4. CodyS

    I’m 23 and got diagnosed with low testosterone…Doctor prescribed me Cypionate 200mg. I got my first pack of vials from you 2 months ago just before Christmas. I’ve been using it for TRT for 6 weeks already, and I feel great! I was very depressed and anxious before… Thanks guys!

  5. strongman79

    The price is really nice. In the middle of the order process now. Any chance to get promo discount for Test C after current promotions are over? That’d be really appreciated cause i’m planning to get lots of vials during upcoming Spring.

  6. Gregory F.

    Cost of shipping is slightly high for shipping from California to other States… But i’m fine anyway.

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